Brain Food for the Busy Mom: 10 Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Today!

Brain Food for the Busy Mom: 10 Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Today!

I don’t know why it took me so long, but several months ago I finally discovered the world of Podcasts. I was actually just looking for a way to pass the time while I did menial tasks such as folding the laundry or doing the dishes, but I quickly discovered the world of podcasts to be a wealth of encouragement, inspiration, and camaraderie in this sometimes challenging season of life. And because I so often find myself saying to my girlfriends “I was listening to podcast the other day and heard…” or “Oh my word, have you ever listened to such-and-such podcast?” I decided to compile a list of my ten current favorite podcasts, specifically for the busy mom. Maybe there’s something here that will encourage you, too!


1) God-Centered Mom: Heather McFadyen is the real deal, y’all. Her podcast is actually what hooked me on podcasts to begin with. I actually recently sent her a message confessing that I feel like she’s actually my friend because she just seems to “get me.” Heather hosts a variety of guests with the goal of encouraging moms to continue on the journey toward reflecting Christ in their role as a wife and mother.


2) Risen Motherhood: Think of it as the Jesus Storybook Bible, but for all things motherhood. I LOVE the way these ladies can take any topic in motherhood, from discipline to bedtime to potty training to in-law relationships, and reflect it directly back to the gospel. The podcasts are short and tidy, about 20 minutes in length, so they’re perfect to get a bit of encouragement in the midst of a busy day.


3) Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: Jamie is a truth-speaker, an advocate for the least of these, an adoptive mama, and is just the kind of host you feel like you could sit down across the table from and have a real, intimate life-giving conversation. She also features a variety of guests of various demographics and backgrounds, and seems very well rounded in her perspective on all things marriage, family, parenthood, social justice, and faith.


4) Sorta Awesome: Hosted primarily by Meg Tietz, Sorta Awesome seeks to find the “awesome” in the everyday. I find this to be the most eclectic of the podcasts on this list. It touches on fashion, pop culture, spirituality, motherhood, marriage, current events, life hacks, and humor. The panel of co-hosts come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences and offer a myriad of opinions and resources to help make life slightly more awesome every day. It’s an uplifting, truthful place to hang out. 


5) The Busy Mom with Heidi St. John: This is a newer love on my list of podcasts. When I first learned of Heidi St. John, I thought her podcasts would not apply to me because they seemed to be aimed toward the homeschooling mama. On the contrary, I have found her podcasts to be the most biblically challenging among the podcasts I currently listen to. Heidi has a phenomenal way of taking the word of God and applying it to life in the here and now. And she does it in a way that is so encouraging (NOT overwhelming) to me as a mother. I genuinely appreciate her heart and wisdom, and again, her podcasts are only 15-20 minutes, perfect for the busiest of moms.


6) The Lazy Genius Podcast: This is the ultimate “life-hack” podcast. Kendra is fabulous at giving me brain matter to think about that is applicable in the here and now, every day stuff. She offers tips on prioritizing life and gives really excellent, simple ideas on how to make the necessary tasks of life less cumbersome. A mix of DIY splashed with minimalism and altruism, The Lazy Genius Podcast is a light listen that is encouraging.


7) Mom Struggling Well: This mama (Emily Thomas) speaks my language, and deep down, I think we are destined to be bffs. She’s the perfect blend of quirky, fun, sometimes sarcastic humor meshed with Godly, heart piercing truth. Her guests offer raw and valuable real life experiences in a “don’t beat around the bush” kinda style. I love her desire to keep it real and let other mamas out there know that we are ALL in this together. Oh, and if there’s any podcaster to follow on Instagram, it’s Emily. She’s freakin hysterical, y’all.


8) Coffee & Crumbs Podcast: If you’re familiar with the Coffee & Crumbs blog, this podcast gives audible voice to the already amazing content you read on Coffee & Crumbs. The hosts are contributors to Coffee & Crumbs, and they talk in a real and authentic way about all things motherhood. I appreciate their vulnerability. They speak from a Christian perspective yet are extremely relatable as none of them are (so far as I know) bible scholars or well known authors. It’s just mom talk – from moms, to moms.


9) Simple Families Podcast: Denaye Barahona is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to parenthood and simple living. Her podcast is an extremely practical question and answer style podcast where she gives practical tips for all things motherhood. If you are looking to simplify your life in any way or are intrigued by the minimalist lifestyle, this is a great podcast to get you thinking about how to make life more manageable.


10) Just Add Sprinkles: Celebrating Motherhood: This podcast is an extension of the City Moms Blog Network, and seeks to bring a voice to many of the amazing topics you read about throughout the City Moms Blog sites. Specifically, this podcast seeks to celebrate the every day moments in motherhood and help moms to realize that we are truly all in this together. And if you listen to episode #2 (“We’re All in This Together”) you might recognize a familiar voice! As a contributor for MKE Moms Blog, I was offered the amazing opportunity to be a guest on their second podcast recording, so obviously I have a special spot in my heart for this new podcast series!


Are you a podcast groupie? I am always looking to add to my feed, so I’d love to hear what you are loving listening to these days!

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