The Dance of Grace

The Dance of Grace


We know it’s the benchmark of the Christian faith.
We know it’s BY GRACE, THROUGH FAITH we are saved.
We know it’s His GRACE that enables us to obey.

We know GRACE carries us through each day.


But I admit, I struggle with the practicality of this. What does it mean to walk in God’s grace, to depend on God’s grace, to live in God’s grace every moment of every day?
I’m currently going through Katie Orr‘s brilliant FOCUSed15 study, “Everyday Obedience,” and was so struck by this illustration of grace, I had to share it with you:
“God’s grace brought salvation and God’s grace trains me to work out that salvation I have work to do. I have choices to make. But the undercurrent of it all is God’s grace. Grace is my dancing partner. It leads me out onto the stage to dance a holy dance for my Father.” (Katie Orr, “Everyday Obedience,” pg 57).
Dancing is NOT a natural talent I posses. As a matter of fact, my lack of dancing ability has kept me from pursuing certain roles in theater. BUT, a brilliant director I worked with in North Carolina wouldn’t let my lack of natural ability hold me back. With enough instruction, the right dance partner, and lots of practice, I discovered that dancing could actually be kind of fun. The more I worked with this director, the more I began to enjoy dancing and found (specifically) large dance numbers in shows to be my favorite part of any theatrical production.

This very simple, yet completely profound transition in my theater life is absolutely applicable in terms of thinking on God’s grace.

The idea of walking in obedience in an effort to worship our heavenly father is a daunting task. In our flesh, it’s impossible. It’s not natural. We will never do it good enough. We will struggle and strive and trip and fall and end up frustrated, insecure, and probably stop trying altogether.

But the idea of taking the hand of grace, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and dancing alongside a company of other believers who have gone before is exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling.

Where we mess up, grace will step in and help us recover. Where we can’t remember our way, grace will show us the next move. Dancing with grace as our partner is effortless, flawless, and, dare I say… fun?

God is pleased when we choose to step out in faith and dance through life with grace as our partner. He delights in our worshipful obedience.

I’m still working out what this looks like practically for me, but for now, I’m beginning each day by praying that God would grant me the grace to dance before Him in my moment by moment worship. I invite you to join me in that!

What do you think? What does walking in grace look like for you, moment by moment?

If you are looking for a fabulous You can order Katie’s book, “Everyday Obedience,” here. (afflink)
**I genuinely recommend ANY of her FOCUSed15 studies. Katie walks you, step by step, through digging into a specific passage in scripture using great hermeneutics. She carefully guides you, without putting too much of her own opinion or interpretation out there, so you can learn to study and understand scripture for yourself. It’s an incredible journey.**
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